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Being a Sox fan...

I consider myself a member of Red Sox Nation since 1990, or to be precise, since game 4 of the ALCS vs Oakland. After many years of suffering, we were rewarded for our faith with championships in 2004 and 2007. Because I'm living in Europe, I obviously have no chance to attend games regularly.
But fortunately, there are other ways to follow the Sox:

ESPN SportsZone I use for game results, recaps, standings and news. They also provide regular columns from some good writers, including my favourite columnist Rob Neyer.
The Red Sox mailing list, currently administrated by Keith Woolner , gives the unique opportunity to learn the opinions of a number of diehard BoSox fans, some of which are also great 'statheads'.
Then there's DIEHARD, the fan magazine for Red Sox fans, which is mailed monthly. I own an overseas suscription to it.
This mail order site distributes videos of MLB games (as well as other sports). So I got to see for example game 6 of the '75 series, game 6 of the '86 series, Pedro's 17k-one hitter at Yankee Stadium in September of '99 and games 4 and 5 of the '99 ALDS vs Cleveland.
And of course there's MLB TV which I subscribe to. Now, if time permits, I'm able to watch every game live or with a few hours delay.

Red Sox Links

There is the official Red Sox website, provided by the club itself.
The Boston Globe has a Red Sox section.
The Providence Journal also features regular Red Sox columns.
Some current or former players have pages dedicated to them, for example Carl 'Yaz' Yastrzemski and Morgan Burkhart.
Boston Dirt Dogs has become my favourite Red Sox site in the last few month. They feature daily updates for results, box scores, columns and much more. The site's a shrine to 'dirt dog' players like Trot Nixon and Brian Daubach.

Baseball Research

In my spare time, I like to do some baseball-related analysis and research, especially in the statistical aspects of the game. If you're a 'stathead' too, have a look at my baseball research page.

Misc baseball Links

Of course, there are unnumbered baseball related sites on the web. Here I list a few which I came to know and found usefull for one reason or another:
The Society for American Baseball Research, SABR is the holy grail of all statheads. I'm a member of SABR since early 2001.
The online section of Total Baseball has up to date stats. See also my books section for my two cents on Total Baseball.
Sean Lahman's Baseball Archive is a database for all players and teams of all Major Leagues (including e.g. the Federal League) since their beginnings. A download version is also available. I used this to set up a MySQL database with a FORMS/CGI Interface (so far not available on the web).
The official MLB site offers e.g. the rules of baseball. , provided by Keith Woolner is also a rich source of information for us statheads.
Baseball America Online: scores, stats, features, columnists, ..

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