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The Society for American Baseball Research, SABR is a non-profit organization dedicated to baseball-related research. I'm a member of SABR since early 2001. Partly following suggestions from other SABR members, I did several analysis, some of which are published below.

Meanwhile, I also published my first article in a SABR publication, namely the Baseball Research Journal. The article called "Coincidences" was co-authored by Ron Visco and appeared in issue 32 of the BRJ (ISBN 910137-94-3).

Hall of Fame streaks

This is a little analysis I did in the summer of 2001 on 'Hall of Fame streaks', i.e. consecutive years for which Major League franchises had at least one future Hall of Famer on their (player's) roster. Here are the results on HoF streaks.

Game Scores

I've written a little JavaScript which calculates game scores for pitchers from the line score, you may use it by clicking here (requires your browser to be JavaScript capable).

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