Black & white photography

Some years ago I started to do some black & white photograpy, especially using industrial themes. Here you'll find a selection of pictures. They belong to two different techniques:
Pictures taken on a standard black & white film material, such as Ilford XP-4. These were developed in a professional laboratory, the prints I did myself.
Pictures taken on a special monochromatic color material. These look like black & white at first glance, by they are actually kind of colored. Prints were made at professional labs. Mostly I use Kodak T-400 CN material to do this kind of work.

For your convenience I've split the pictures to several pages:

Industrial motifes, e.g. former steel plant at Duisburg, former coal mine at Essen, ...
Impressions from Berlin, the german capital.

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Author:Peter Uelkes
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